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Psychro's Little Black Book

We found this book in our library one day. We think it belongs to Psychro. His handwriting is atrocious, so our transcribers weren't able to decipher it all. Enjoy though.

Warning, may contain spoilers.

Warning, do not try to match his record.

1) Glacin of House Whitestar - My first love. I thought she loved me, but apparently was just using me to irritate her father, who despises hybrids.

2) Icilia of House Whitestar - Payback's a bitch. I've always felt bad about her. Upset by Glacin I banged her sister instead. She got pregnant and died under very suspicious circumstances.

38) Carenna of House Blyzzard - It took me a month, but I did it. She was very insistent that she didn't believe in sex until she was properly bonded. But I managed to change her mind.

51) Zorcha of House Chilloi - In the holy city of White Fang you can feel the goddess watching you. Zorcha thought this was the greatest kind of voyeurism in the universe. I did it, but it felt uncomfortable.

70) Anaela of House Snoeflay - We made out in the back of a fruit truck on the Dark Moon once, I'll always think of her whenever I eat blueberries.

71) Phantella - This Darkling lass was the first to hear my now patented goodbye speech. There's something special about your first time, so here's to you.

103) Dalash - A tragedy, one of my few relationships that I didn't end. Had an angry father looking for me. He fired his gun, but accidentally hit her instead. I'll never forget the sight of her dying in my arms.

104) Heavy Bevy - Traumatized and second guessing myself, I received a letter from the president of a fanclub. "Psychro's Gals". She begged me to sleep with her, and I figured what the heck. Something to break me out of my funk. She's a good friend, and only the second woman I've ever knocked up.

119) Josa of House Kolrad - Poor thing never understood. It happens. I tell them all I want is a one night stand and they think they can change me. I don't think she's ever really gotten over it.

120) Paeder of House Snowskin - What a woman. As soon as I saw her, I knew she had to share my bed. It was the wildest week of her life. After dating me she went on to be quite the ranking office of the Honour of the Moon.

121) Pacqin of House Snoeflay - Paeder's older neighbour. Now she was a looker, with lips that you could spend all day kissing. Shame she liked spicy foods so much.

131) Sira - Psion doctor of some skill. We went camping and she managed to break her leg. Casts aren't my kink, unfortunately.

176) Pekablu - Another Psion. What am I, on some kind of streak? I feel for her, really I do. I'm good in the sack, she couldn't bear to not have me in her life. I hear she became an alcoholic and a bit of a slut. Shame about that, really.

197) Artemin - Note to self. Dating sisters of guards, probably not a good idea. Her brother was none too happy about it, and I didn't get the best of treatment when I was brought in for unrelated questioning.

209) Slythra - My first Mutant. Boy, do I wish I couldn't say that. Got drunk at some hole in the wall place. She took me around the back and did something with her tail I'd rather not even print. Finished the job, but barely.

225) Halleya - Went into her bar one day needing a drink. I didn't have any money so we made a deal. One orgasm equals one beer. By the end of the night I had five beers. She claims that the last one didn't count, but I got that beer anyway.

228) Chilla - No, not *that* Chilla. I wish. She did dress like her though. Too easy though, nothing like the real deal, sadly.

229) Munara Darken - She came to me, like something plucked from my dreams, and then vanished. I wonder whatever happened to her. No one seems to have ever heard of her before.

230) Brae Mindwalker - There's just something hot about chicks with power tools. Saw her at the construction site with a welding torch in her hand, and that was it. I broke my ‘no telepaths' rule for her. Narrowly avoided catching some kind of venereal disease, thank the gods.

231) Gundora - The younger sister of Mandora. She was in on the scheme to bang her sister and we both agreed that sleeping with her would get me a visit from the Evil Chaser. Guess I'm not the only one that thinks Mandora could use a good lay.

232) Ellis - Two Mutants now. So I crash landed on this planet and she took me and Mandora in instead of turning us over to the authorities for killing. Felt kinda obligated to show her a good time. It got her in a lot of trouble.

233) Mandora - Chilla gave me one condition to going out on a date with her. Sleep with the Evil Chaser whose chastity was renowned throughout the cosmos. Guess what, Chilla, Psychro scores with the unattainable. Twice.

234) Fantasy - Wow. I don't know what to say here. On the one hand you've got a drop dead gorgeous babe. On the other you've got us being forced to have sex or else. There's no hard feelings on either part, and we might hook up again down the road to do it right. We'll see.