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Seeing Red


My father once told me that to understand the future we must look to the past, so what does that mean the future holds for Red Eye? If the past is any indication it's going to be a hell of a ride, pardon the language.

Red Eye has led a life of triumphs and catastrophes that are intertwined, the one leading to the other. He would be born with a genetic defect that would have crippled the average person, but he used this to become invaluable in the squads with a proficiency to see in other spectrums unmatched by anyone. His freakish mouth gave him an appreciation for cooking, making him well known on the Dark Moon as much for his culinary creations as he is in the field.

He fell in love young, a whirlwind romance that grew stronger when he saved Twyla's life. The love would grow strong and be consummated in a hotel room and some day would lead to the most precious thing in his life, his daughter Shade. And yet that precious gift of life was also the source of marital discord, a marriage that would dissolve and leave both almost grateful for the break.

Red Eye was labelled a hero on the Dark Moon for what he deems ordinary acts, and a villain by the people of Third Earth for trying to survive and obeying his orders. Life is funny that way, I guess.

Is the story over? No, because his life isn't over. Third Earth is a place of new challenges and adventures. One can bet that this very biography will need to be updated some time down the road. It's been both a pleasure and an honour to have the opportunity to write the story of this incredible man. That's right, a man with foibles and strengths, not some godlike being who can do no wrong.

Thank you, Red Eye, for letting me share your story and for letting us all see you better.

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