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Psychro Always Gets His Man...Dora

The battle in space, as Mandora had surmised, was basically over. Geckren, as commander of the Mutant forces in his brother's absence, finally issued a surrender. The Mutant prisoners on the surface were taken away and the city was returned to the hands of the Equine council. As the day began to wane, a supply convoy from Bunndarr arrived and food was handed out for a celebratory dinner. There was a mixture of sorrow and cheer in the air over the events. On the one hand so much had been lost, many Equines had perished either in combat or simply at the cruel whims of the Mutants. But new friendships had been made, and a new inner strength in their own people had been found. They might have been beaten, but they had not broken when the call came.

The three members of the Equine council gathered in front of the crowd of people, along with Psychro, Mandora and a number of the ranking Control and Bunndarrian officers. "Fastwynd, Arra, Storm. It is on behalf of the Interplanetary Control Force that I extend an offer to help you rebuild your city. We have medical and building supplies available if you want them," Captain Buck said, loudly enough that the crowd could hear. Both sides knew that the offer would be accepted, there was virtually no choice in the matter.

"For too long the people of Equidarr have lived apart from the rest of the galaxy, that is no longer possible. We see how wrong we were now, and we thank you for your help. Mandora, Psychro, I would formally like to tell you that all charges against you have been dropped, you have done us a great service, and you will always have a home here," Fastwynd said, shaking the Bunndarrian's hand.

"Hey, Manny, I guess that means you're not a hardened criminal anymore," Psychro chuckled, earning him a glare from the evil chaser. "I mean, thank you Fastwynd, it's an honour to be welcomed on your planet. I just wish that our friendship could have been under better circumstances."

"That's better," Mandora whispered.

The gathering lasted a while longer, no one really wanting to go home and see what, if anything was left of their houses. The buildings themselves were still largely intact, but many of the possessions had been looted, and doors or windows had been smashed, but gradually everyone did make their ways home. Psychro and Mandora returned with Ellis to her home, mostly at her request that she not have to spend the night alone.

Psychro stared up into the night sky, his back against the little house that Ellis called home. It was a funny concept. He'd lived places, spent his time travelling from here to there, but rarely did he think of anywhere as home. Technically, if one wanted to be picky, he resided on the Ice Moon in a series of caves that belonged to his family. The House Myntaello wasn't a big clan, really only himself and his twin sister considered themselves to be members, but the place was still there, and he still sought refuge in it. It would just be his, soon. Psikaris was moving, being bonded to Cameo with a baby on the way. His arm ached still, but it had been tended to, as had the bulk of his other wounds. Nothing was critical, though, so they had sent him home, ordering him to back the following day for a follow-up.

His world was changing. Ghosts of his past were creeping back into his life to haunt him, he was getting older too. What happened next? Would he grow old and die alone? Should he actually settle down, accept that there were going to be patches in his sex life when things got dull and routine? It was sobering. He was who he was, and yet he had seen on this planet what happened when one was unwilling to change; it could cost him everything.

Once he had been content to be the free spirit, the dashing rogue who swept women off their feet. And now? He glanced towards the window of the house, still lit, showing that Ellis was awake still. Mandora too, no doubt. Should he give up the chase with Mandora and Chilla? Maybe this was the place to start over his life, just as the people of Equidarr were starting over their lives.

The stars twinkled brightly and he stared at them, trying to pick out constellations. Somewhere out there was a place that he lived but was not home called the Ice Moon. And somewhere out there was a woman named Chilla whom he loved but did not return it. He had something here. He could stay and help rebuild, live with Ellis, find out if their species were compatible.

Visions of the potential horrors of what the children would look like scattered his deep thoughts, little Psychros with Equine faces in a rainbow of colours. No. His original thoughts were probably right. He needed somewhere that felt like home, and this place with its sun, its orchards, its warmth... it wasn't it. Even if he did stay, he would never be able to look at Ellis and not remember what had happened to her because of him.

Chilla's promise surfaced again in his head. "If you can sleep with a woman of my choosing, I'll go out with you on a date." That woman was Mandora, and Chilla was the prize at the end of that road. His gut, and his crotch, swore that she was the one. The one with whom he could settle down and live with. Sure, it would mean gaining both a son and a grandson, a grandson who was the same age as he, but he figured she was worth it. He was sure this time, unlike all those others.

It was getting late. The light in the bedroom flicked off, indicating that Ellis had finally gone to bed. He knew that he should probably be going to bed as well. He dusted himself off and went back inside, locking the door. He didn't know what the future would hold, but it probably wouldn't be boring.

Present day

A light, if sarcastic, applause surrounded the table. "Deep," Tug Mug said, "but eet doesn't look like much has changed. What about that floozy you were weeth when I came een here? Surely you aren't going to pull rabbits out of a hat for her."

"Sex and women are like a drug to me, it's a cruel mistress and it's a hard habit to break. Besides my libido knows that Chilla isn't likely to put out for a long time, and I need something to tide me over," he replied. "Actually that's only partly true. One of my options was taken away from me too, as I would learn. The restoration efforts on the city continued, but other events were going on behind the scenes."

Three weeks, five days ago

Mandora was working in the hospital, helping an injured Equine back in bed from a bathroom stop. Once the patient was settled she allowed herself a minute to take a deep breath and soak in the situation. There were so many injured and so few to take care of them. Control had sent a large number of paramedics to assist, but even with that it wasn't enough. She never got used to this part, seeing the results of crime and hatred only stoked the fires of justice within her. The only reassurance she found at this stage was that the ringleaders of Reptos' men were safely in custody and would find themselves before a judge before too long.

"Do you require anything else?" she asked the grey stallion, but he shook his head. A report had come in earlier in the day indicating that emergency surgery had failed, and that Reptos had died from his wounds. That was a shame. She couldn't blame Ellis for what she had done, though an inquiry would likely be had, but it would have been nice to see him hauled before the courts and given a heavy sentence to deter future would-be conquerors.

With her immediate job done, Mandora left the room and went back to the main desk to see if there was anything else she was needed for. She was basically done for the day, but would continue to help if it was needed. "You look worn out, go home and rest. There's more to do tomorrow," the head nurse said, patting her shoulder comfortingly. "Ellis was looking for you earlier, by the way."

She knew where Ellis would be. Psychro had joined them this morning on the journey back into the city, to make sure that his arm wasn't getting infected from Reptos' bite. The prognosis was looking good right now, but there was little guarantee it wouldn't worsen. The rest of his bruises were healing well, though, and Ellis would be there. They had shared a special kind of bond through whatever had happened in that room; neither would say, but Mandora could guess.

As it turned out, Ellis was just exiting the room when Mandora approached. She seemed strangely focussed, and greeted the evil chaser with a firm handclasp. "You have a minute?" she asked, ushering Mandora outside.

The hospital wasn't located far from the government building, but neither woman wanted to revisit that neighbourhood right now. Instead they walked along outside the building, shaded from the summer sun by a few trees here and there. The city wasn't looking too bad, but there were still grim reminders that the Mutants had been there. For better or worse the Mutants had actually been reasonably conscientious about the hospital, taking everyone prisoner, but not doing as much damage to the building as they had done to some of the homes. As they walked, they could see a home owner installing a new window on their house. "How is he?" Mandora asked finally, breaking the silence.

"He's doing well. I think he was flirting with one of the nurses. She seemed grateful when I showed up, anyway. I think that's just the way he talks, to be honest. He was asking about you, actually. He rarely sees you, because you're pushing yourself so hard here. He's worried, and I think he likes you," Ellis said, as the barest hint of colour touched Mandora's cheeks.

"He likes my body," she replied, "and what it can do for him." Both women understood what she meant, though Mandora suspected that she knew better than Ellis. She wasn't the sort who would get into details, and she really didn't think it was her place to explain just why Psychro was interested in her body.

There was a long silence before Ellis stopped suddenly. "I want to join Control," she said.


"I've been thinking for a long time that the way things are on this planet are not the way I think they should be, and after what happened here I don't think I can ever call this world home again. What I went through was wrong and I want to help people, help victims of injustice like myself."

"It's a lonely life," Mandora noted. "You'll have little time for friends or family. But if that's what you want, I'll put in a good word for you. We're always looking for more people, and once you pass our screening program we'll find a position for you."

"Thank you, Mandora. I knew you would help. You know, I'm so glad I chose to rescue you and Psychro that day. It cost me a lot, but I gained so much at the same time. You two have been the best friends I've had in a long while. Thank you," Ellis said, throwing her arms around the other woman.

"Don't thank me yet. It's a lot of hard work, you might just regret it. Now come on, we'd better go rescue whatever nurse is working on Psychro now," Mandora chuckled, leading the way back inside.

They found Psychro in his room, a stallion prodding the healing wound with his fingers. Both women smiled knowingly at each other, realizing that there was no chance that he was hitting on this one. It was even odds that one of the female nurses had refused to tend to him precisely because of the flirting. Mandora was actually inclined to agree with Ellis, he probably wasn't actually flirting with any of the staff, it was just his nature. She suspected that he really wasn't interested in pursuing another relationship with an Equine at this point, especially given how his eyes lit up when the duo entered the room.

Either that or he was trying to figure out a way to get them interested in a threesome. The thought sent shivers up her spine. There was nothing personal against Ellis, Mandora really did like the woman, but the Equine features were just too jarring to be remotely sexual for her. Truthfully, even Psychro's purple tinted and cool to the touch skin was off putting, and yet she couldn't deny that there was an attraction on that count.

"Hey! The doc says I shouldn't have to come back for a checkup," Psychro said cheerfully, swinging his feet off the bed and getting into a seated position..

"That's right. His wound isn't showing any signs of getting worse, and is actually healing rather well," the doctor said.

"I guess Reptos didn't have rabies or anything at least." He looked a little guilty as he said it, casting a glance at Ellis. In a rare moment of candidness Ellis had mentioned that the doctors had looked for sexually transmitted diseases and found no traces of any. It was a bright spot in an otherwise horrendous experience.

"Oh! Mandora says she might be able to get me a job with Control," Ellis said, in a clear attempt to change the subject. Nonetheless Psychro seemed pleased to hear the news, though there was a flicker of something on his face.

"Hey, that's great. You'll be great at it, and with Manny's recommendation, you're a lock to get in. Now let's bust out of this place and get home. I'm getting hungry." With that, Ellis took the lead and drove them back to her house.

Geckren sat in the holding cell on board the Control ship 'Excallibur' having just received news about his brother. He hadn't heard much about what had happened to Reptos, but it wasn't too hard to piece together the events. Reptos had gone to kill Psychro, Mandora arrived, and Reptos came out with severe injuries. The fact that the evil chaser and her filthy Lunatak boyfriend were able to dance all over the law and get away with murder filled him with rage. He had long suspected corruption among those evil chasers, and despite Mandora's vaunted reputation as being incorruptible, here she was proving herself just as bad an apple as the rest of them.

He rubbed the casts that adorned both legs and quietly swore that some day he would track down both Mandora and Psychro and make them pay for what they had done. In fact, Psychro had a sister of his own that Geckren could use for revenge. Yes, they would suffer dearly for the murder of Reptos. His laughter filled the cell, startling his cell mate and causing many of the guards to look nervously in his direction.

Present day

"Psychro. When are you going to get to how you banged Mandora? I'm missing my soaps to listen, and I'm not even hearing anything interesting. The Bald and the Beautiful is on in an hour, so if you don't get to the good part..." Luna warned, referring to the show that featured a balding Psion family that were leaders in the fashion industry. Alluro had been trying to get on it, just to bug her. As queen, she had the power to prevent it.

"Amok smash," her brutish Guardian finished.

"You people have no taste for a good story," Psychro sighed, as those around the table agreed with Luna. It didn't really matter. Most of the rest of the time leading up to the climax of his story, not counting the climaxes he'd had with Ellis, were spent helping with the recovery efforts. "Fine, fine. Nothing much happened for a while. Mandora, Ellis and I helped out where we could, rebuilding damaged buildings, trying to get stolen goods back to their original owners and the like. With nothing better to do I started repairing Mandora's Electrocharger. Then, finally it happened."

"About time," Luna muttered.

One week, two days ago

It was early afternoon. The worst of the work that needed to be done had been taken care of, and the Equines had assured Control that they would be able to handle things on their own now. There were other worlds that needed the Interplanetary Force's help and many of the officers were eager to get on their way. Tranzis was pleased to be able to put a satisfying close to the Equidarr file, all that remained were the court proceedings, and those weren't her department.

The Equines and Bunndarrians had signed a mutual support treaty, based on their similar histories with the Mutants, and the Rabbits agreed to linger a little longer to help with repairs. A trade pact was opened and soon the rich exotic foods of Bunndarr began filtering in.

For his part, Psychro worked hard on the Electrocharger, though his own ship was hopelessly damaged. He felt rather smug in his abilities as a mechanic, in that it was soon space-worthy again and purring like a kitten. Something was bothering him, though. He had noticed for the last several days that Mandora was avoiding him, spending more off-duty hours hanging out with Ellis and the other Control Officers. This wasn't unusual in itself, she was more than entitled to do so, but it seemed to him that she would find excuses to leave the room shortly after his arrival, or decide to turn in early.

He hopped on the motorcycle and took it for a test drive, leaving the confines of Ellis' home and venturing into the city to refuel and pick up some sweetbread from a stand. He knew that he would either be heading home soon or going to jail. He wasn't looking forward to the experience, but he'd been in jail before. It didn't bother him much. Besides, it was only a broken taillight, so he probably would just get a fine. If anything, a jail record would only help his reputation with some of the ladies, as they sought to reform him, or some nonsense like that, trying to help the 'bad boy' see the error of his ways. He didn't think such a strategy would work on Chilla, but she was an almost complete mystery to him.

The house was empty, as he arrived back at Ellis' home. The two ladies had left for the city, and even then Ellis had said something about spending the night visiting with Raidash. The two hadn't seen each other since during her ministering of Psychro and Mandora and they had a lot to catch up on.

Present day

"Psychro," Luna warned.

"Oh hush. I'm just establishing mood," Psychro replied, purposefully taking a swig of beer to irk the queen.

"Establish faster."

One week, three days ago

It was almost time, Mandora accepted. Control was pressing that she finish up what she was doing and catchup on her patrols. Her route had been temporarily filled by another officer so that she could assist in the reparations, but the main reason she hadn't left was because of Psychro. As long as the two of them were still on the planet, she had the luxury of putting off a decision on what to do with him. Her mind and body quarrelled over him.

On the one hand, she desperately wanted to take him up on his offer for sex. No one would believe him if he went around bragging about it, and she could deny it to protect her own reputation. Oh sure, some people would suspect it was true, but people suspected all kinds of things about her. She had even provided some of those rumours herself to enhance her efficiency. She figured, if a suspect believed her to be unstoppable and unswerving they might surrender and confess a little quicker. Her body had been too long without intimacy of any kind, and it ached for the loving touch of a man, a situation made worse by her damaged hormone suppressant.

On the other, he was a felon, albeit a minor one. He needed to go before a judge and face the music for his criminal action. The law was the law. It did not bend, and would not break. Besides, sleeping with him would only validate what some of her peers said about her and stoke his ego, neither of which she approved of.

Who am I kidding, she thought miserably, as she and Ellis worked on her orchard. The trees were brimming with apples and Mandora had volunteered to help. Psychro was on the other side of the house, putting the finishing touches on her motorcycle. She'd caught sight of him working topless, obviously warm and had forced herself not to stare. "You're going to do it, aren't you," Ellis said, snapping the evil chaser out of her reverie. "Don't look surprised. I looked at him the same way, remember? Go for it. He is very good. You're running out of time, and you'd better do it lickety split."

"What, Psychro? I know. I can't believe I'm admitting this but, I want to and yet I don't." She figured there was no point in hiding the truth, Ellis had figured it out for herself already anyway. Mandora glanced in the direction of the house, but knew that Psychro was too far away to overhear their conversation/

"Look, you obviously want to, and if you don't you'll spend your life asking yourself if you missed an opportunity. Tomorrow, we'll go in to the city and make our own ways back. I've been meaning to spend the day catching up with Raidash anyway, so this gives me an excuse, and gives you an empty house to do whatever you like."

"I can't believe you're condoning this. After you and he..."

"What we had was special," she looked away, "but it's not right for me anymore. We're done, and I want you to feel as wonderful as I did. He likes having his belly rubbed, by the way." Ellis laughed at Mandora's horrified expression. But the veteran evil chaser didn't protest the idea any. She knew that her mind was made up. Now she had no excuses not to carry it out.

Present day

"Psychro! You went back a day!" Luna screeched, causing many at the table to plug their ears.

The Ice/Psi Lunatak grinned the grin that had melted the hearts of many a young woman. "Did I? I hadn't noticed. How odd. Anyway, when I got back home I found that it wasn't as empty as I thought. I'm not sure how Mandora got there, or when. Maybe she hadn't even left, I wasn't paying attention that morning when Ellis went in to the city..."

One week, two days ago

It was a little after four o'clock by the time Psychro returned. He parked the Electrocharger and took the keys, entered the house and washed his hands in the kitchen sink and set the sweetbread and the keys on the counter. The house was quiet, so he settled on the couch to read one of the books that Ellis had borrowed. She hadn't gotten around to returning any of them yet, and suspected it would be a while before the library cared. The Mutants had done a fair amount of damage to the library, and there were bloodstains on one wall from where they had slaughtered a librarian. The poor man had simply been trying to preserve some rare texts when they had burst in.

The book was on local superstitions, and was actually a fascinating read, despite the language being a little tricky to decipher. He heard movement and lowered the book enough to see that Mandora was indeed home. She was without her helmet and trademark jacket, but that wasn't unusual. When she was here, he had found, she didn't feel the need to wear her police gear, though there was something off about the way she moved around the house. It was something he had never seen in her before, and didn't think was possible. Nervousness bordering on fear? "Hey there, Manny," he said, to catch her attention. "The Electrocharger is working great. You should probably get a few replacement parts for the steering column, but otherwise it's fine."

"That's great. I guess we can be leaving soon then," she replied. This time he caught a subtle tone in her voice that almost sounded like disappointment. All his senses were blaring at him, telling him that there was something fishy going on. Were this any other woman he would say that he was going to get lucky, but he didn't dare hope. Not with Officer Mandora.

"I'm surprised to see you here, I didn't hear you come in," he rose and set the book back down on the end table.

"I can be quiet when I want to," she said, somewhat mysteriously. "We're on our own for dinner. Do you mind if we eat a little early tonight, I'm actually feeling kind of hungry."

"No, sure. I don't mind at all. I had an early lunch today anyway. I wanted to make a push on fixing the Electrocharger. Tell you what, since it's just the two of us, why don't I whip us up something. You go relax or something, I'll let you know when it's ready."

He saw her start to open her mouth, as if to say something, but she changed her mind and left the room. Her behaviour was very curious, and he was starting to think that his original guess was right. He moved from cupboard to cupboard, looking for ingredients for a nice dinner while Mandora retreated to Ellis' bedroom with the book he'd been reading.

Over the last few weeks he had noticed the kinds of food that the evil chaser liked, and had filed the information away for future use. A pie filled with various vegetables and some of the peach flavoured porridge. He found a bottle of peach spiced wine in the fridge, with a note from Ellis encouraging them to drink it, and the sweetbread for dessert.

But, as any astute practitioner of the art of seduction knew, the food was only part of the process, appearances meant everything, and a woman like Mandora deserved only the best. He moved the table closer to the couch, and subtly pushed the chair back, so that Mandora would have to sit next to him, then he draped a tablecloth over it and set out the utensils and a pair of candles he had found in a drawer.

He stepped back and eyed the set up carefully. Nothing could be out of place if his plan was to work. If Mandora was as conflicted as he thought she was, then it wouldn't take much in the way of nudging to get her out of that jumpsuit. He knew the woman was big on the side of law and order, so he figured that she would be appreciative of order in other areas of her life too. He adjusted a pillow that looked crooked, tossed out a dust bunny that had appeared beneath the table, and looked over it all again while he waited for the food to finish cooking. Everything appeared to be perfect, or he hoped it did.

Finally he doled out the food on to plates and set them on the table. The place settings were close together, which would further encourage her to sit next to him. He had actually debated it. When eating dinner with a woman, it was sometimes more intimate to be sitting across from them. From that angle he could look at them, stare into either their eyes or their cleavage if they weren't paying attention, or play footsy with them if he thought they were so inclined. Of course, side by side allowed for more direct physical contact, which he figured was preferable at this point.

Confident that everything was as good as it could get, Psychro walked down the hall and knocked lightly on the bedroom door. "Dinner's ready, Mandora," he called out, choosing to use her proper name rather than the pet one. She didn't like being called 'Manny' and he saw no reason to lower his chances.

"Be right there!" she replied. He went back in to the living room and lit the candles while he waited for her to arrive. When she came out she was still terribly nervous, from what he could tell, and she looked at him when she saw the set up. It was as though she were trying to read his intentions. "What's with the setup?" she asked.

"Well, I figured this is probably our last night on Equidarr, so we should make it special, though any time I get to spend with you is special enough," he said, winking.

"Flatterer." She sat down next to him regardless, making a show of eating.

Despite her earlier claims of hunger, he noticed that she really wasn't eating much. Mostly she was moving food around her plate. He kept the conversation light and pleasant, knowing that she was feeling a lot of nerves at present, doubtless there was little room in her stomach for food with the butterflies doing acrobatic tricks inside it. She was responsive to his questions, but was generally quiet otherwise.

As she put the dishes away, he opened the bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. Psychro knew from experience that a little alcohol could sometimes help ease a person's nerves. While he had seen the woman drink on occasion over the course of the last few weeks, she rarely drank in any quantity, and he didn't expect today to be any different. They sat quietly on the couch, as she sipped the wine carefully. "You look tense," Psychro said, his voice low as he reached for her feet. "Here, let me work the kinks out of these." The boots slid off and landed with a *thump* on the floor. Gently, but firmly, he began kneading the soles with the practised touch of one who has done it before. They were heavily callused, and she sighed contentedly at his ministrations.

"Psychro. Let's have sex," she said, blurting it out with all the grace of a Graviton.

He covered his chuckle at her awkwardness by turning the situation around. "Mandora, I just offered a foot rub. I didn't realize I was *that* good at it," he said.

"Forget the feet. I want you, and you're going to have sex with me." She pulled her feet away and stood up, taking his hand and trying to pull him to the bedroom.

"No," he replied, jerking his hand back. The look on her face was priceless, and he could read the turmoil of thoughts running through her mind. Questions of how he could be flirting with her for nine weeks and then turn her down when the offer was finally accepted. But it was all part of his game. He had her eating out of the palm of his hand. Oh, he fully intended to be nestled inside her, but not yet.

"No?" she asked, stupefied.

"No. Our relationship has evolved from 'would-be lovers' to cop and convict. It's just too complicated. Unless, of course, you were to drop the crimes against me. It's only a broken taillight," he teased. She wouldn't accept it, he knew, but he would be able to bargain from there.

"You broke the law. It is my duty..." she said. He could see very clearly that she was out of her element. She loved being in control of a situation, and when she wasn't, she floundered. If it hadn't been for certain recent events he might have tried to push her into some bondage play.

"Fine, then I guess you don't get to find out what other body parts these hands can massage. You know how good the foot rub was? It gets better. But you'll never know, unless..." his voice trailed off and his eyes twinkled with mischief. He watched as her brain processed what he'd said, and saw her eyes flick to his hands which were conveniently at his crotch, as well his vest had drooped open, showing off his abs.

"Unless?" she asked, falling easily into the trap.

"I'm a gambling man, so I'll make you a deal. I'm willing to bet that I can arouse you so much that you will be begging me to do it again, if I can then you have to drop the charge." Psychro rose to his feet and stood inches from her, kissing her lips and tasting the wine they had just consumed, it was kiss that was akin to fanning the flames, causing her arms to wrap around him. But he didn't let her get too far, after all he needed to be in charge here if he was going to get what he wanted.

"And if you don't?" she asked.

He nuzzled her neck before answering, feathering it with kisses while her hands sought to free him from his clothes. "And if I can't, then I'll come with you voluntarily and confess to the crimes you don't know about."

She hesitated with her response, her voice catching as the moral dilemma weighed on her. Did she allow personal needs to outweigh the law? The law did not bend, and would not break, she had said, but was it true? He stepped back, as if to leave her, and wound up making the decision for her. She held on to him firmly, and pressed her lips hard against his own. "It's a deal."

The words were like fireworks going off in his head as the two rushed to the bedroom. As he walked in he barely had time to take note that she had been doing some preparation in here for the festivities. Fresh new sheets of the finest silks, flower petals strewn about, a bottle of expensive oil sitting by the bed. He swallowed hard, taking the sight in, and then found himself breathless. While he had been distracted by the room, Mandora had stripped out of the leotard, revealing her perfectly sculpted body. Milky white skin that had probably never seen the light of day was exposed to him. His eyes lingered over her entire body; the gentle swell of her breasts, perfectly sized and begging to be touched, their bright red tips standing out in sharp contrast to the surrounding skin. The washboard abs and powerfully muscled thighs built and honed from years of police training. All the way down to the fine patch of blonde hair between her legs, that led to the proverbial promised land. "All right, Psychro, strip or be stripped," she said, using her most commanding voice.

He didn't need to be asked twice. In an instant he was practically tearing the clothes from his body. Gone were his vest and pants before he paused. He was acting like a teenager having his first romp, which was going against his plan. She was perfect in every way and he wanted to be in charge here. But all thoughts of that changed when she took him down with a sharp tackle as though he were just another crook and hungrily kissed him.

Present day

"That first coupling was like nothing I've ever experienced. You're talking about a woman with seventeen years of pent up sexual energy. She easily makes it into my top three of all time."

"Only top three? Weeth that kind of lead up?" Tug Mug asked, as surprised as everyone else at the table.

"That's right. Glacin was my first, and she will always have the top spot. She taught me most of what I know about women and sex. Mandora is third, that was the wildest and most determined sex I've ever had. I'll tell you, it was well worth the weeks of being blocked. And second on the list is whomever I happen to be with that night," he winked over at Halleya, who had the decency to look away. "Anyway, since I'm not currently in jail, it should be obvious what happened next."

One week, two days ago

They lay snuggled in each other's arms, the smell of sex lingering in the air, Psychro stared at the pale white flesh of Mandora's thigh as his hand moved gently across it. She had been fantastic, he just hoped that Chilla would be able to compete against that effort.

"I hate you," she whispered so softly that he barely heard it.

"What?" he asked.

"The charges are dropped. I'm not finished with you yet," she replied, catching the hand, and moving it to where she wanted it.

"Oh really? What's in it for me this time?" he asked. He was pleasantly exhausted and covered in sweat, but he had a reputation to maintain. If she wanted to go again, then he wouldn't really deny her, not after an experience like that. Even as he continued he began the gentle ministrations that would have her crying his name again soon enough. "Our deal just said that you would *want* more, not that I would. What can you offer me?"

"How about proof for Chilla?" she gasped.

"You know, you were so good I'd have done it anyway for nothing. But that's an offer I just can't refuse," he kissed her firmly again as he climbed on top of her once more.

Present day

"You have proof?" Luna asked.

Psychro patted his pocket. "Right here. She was kind enough to pose for a picture, which I have promised to destroy as soon as Chilla sees them. But that doesn't mean I can't show you lot. In fact, Tug Mug, that's one of the reasons I was about to call you before you called me. I've got other plans for the night, but I want you to call Chilla on Third Earth and tell her the good news."

"I weell, Psychro," the Graviton grinned and leaned closer as Psychro pulled out the small holoprojector and set it in the middle of the table and activated it. Suddenly a small image of the two lovebirds appeared from the waist up, with Mandora giving the camera a thumbs up.

"Now then. I'd better settle my tab and get to my hotel. I've got a date tonight."

"No need. After a deed like this, I think the royal treasury can cover this one," Luna announced. Psychro bowed graciously to the queen and snatched up the holoprojector again.

Two days later

In Sky Tomb, Chilla, Red Eye and Alluro were playing a complicated card game. Between the trio were two decks of cards. One was comprised of the names of people they knew or knew of. On the other were various questions. Points were awarded on humour.

"Safari Joe," Chilla said, reading off the top card. "Things this person says during sex... Hmm... 'Thank you Mule."

"How about nothing, because he never gets it," Red Eye said.

Alluro smirked broadly. "Safari Joe does it again!" he said amidst laughter. He tallied up the points and drew next. "Mumm-Ra, worst birthday gift you could get him. I'll say flowers, given how little light there is."

"Moisturizer," Red Eye chuckled.

"Tug Mug," Chilla hissed as they all laughed again.

"Speaking of which. There's an incoming message for you from him, Chilla," Alluro noted, casting a glance at the computer as it chirped. The Ice Lunatak woman rose from her chair and went into the next room to listen to it. Moments later, Alluro and Red Eye would hear her scream.

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