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Name: Zanaya
Gender: Female
Species: Psion Lunatak
Family: Mother of Krystalin, niece of Mystan
Powers: Can convince people she isn't there, effectively camouflaging herself in plain sight.

Any conversation about Zanaya begins and ends with her career as an assassin. Granted her abilities by Cyris, the Psion's god, she was told that she was effectively spared an eternity in damnation if she remembered to slaughter a child every year. While not something she particularly enjoyed, she accepted it as part of the deal for being the best in the business.

Then she ran up against a family she couldn't kill. As a prelude to a war between the Icewalkers and Psions, a number of assassins were sent in to murder ranking Icewalkers. Zanaya was assigned to Nitro, but was caught in the process.

She escaped from prison, killing along the way, failing twice to kill Knave, and found herself aboard the Icewalker flagship while it journeyed to Third Earth to rescue myself and Chilla. There she figured out that Knave knew why they were headed there and promptly seduced him.

Before she could find out details, Knave was arrested for a crime that she had committed. To prove his innocence she killed Krystalin, chief of security onboard. On her death bed, Krystalin begged the Icewalker goddess of warriors and fertility to avenge her. The goddess' idea of vengeance was to let Knave impregnate her, but at least Zanaya's plan worked. Knave was shown to not have committed the murder after all.

Fast forward a little and the Icewalkers, with Zanaya, rescued us. Zanaya tried to kill Chilla, and found herself in a prison cell at the wrong time along with Knave (who had been caught trying to kill Red Eye.) We Lunataks left them behind when we returned to the Moons. Only then did Zanaya admit that she had been using Knave. Realizing this was hardly the right time to do so, especially as Knave ripped his hands from his shackles, she had to confess to being pregnant to avoid being killed herself.

Knave stayed with her, for the sake of his unborn child, and she grudgingly accepted that she would need him when it came time to give birth. By that time, we Lunataks had returned in force to establish a city in Dark Side.

Now that there was a proper medical establishment, Zanaya tried on two more occasions to kill Knave, coming very close once. The second time would prove to be the last time. Furious with the ongoing conflicts between Zanaya and Knave, along with other issues Mystan was going through, Mystan was given orders to kill her, and he did so violently.

Zanaya's body may be gone, but you can bet her spirit lies restless, seeking a way to return and make Knave join her.