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Name: Tycho
Gender: Male
Species: Royal Lunatak
Family: Unnamed relation of Luna
Guardian: Darius

Tycho is a curious case. He would make a very good ruler, and in fact did, but he doesn't want power. He only took the post so that his arch-rival Aristarchus wouldn't, and surrendered it immediately when I came along. And so he retired to a small farmstead to raise his sheep with his longtime companion Darius. I convinced him, though, that his place was back in power. I appointed him governor of Third Earth, knowing that he won't turn his attention to taking my throne from me, and that he will do a good job of it.

His story is tragic. With the throne vacant, the scholars did some digging and found two families with close relations to the original Queen Luna; Tycho's and Aristarchus'. As a gesture of goodwill, the two families got together for dinner. Unbeknownst to them, Aristarchus snuck in to the kitchen and poisoned a soup. He didn't eat any because of an allergy to fish, and Tycho had been ill so he couldn't attend. The rest of both families died, and the scandal was buried along with the scapegoat. Tycho was named ruler, and his personal battle with Aristarchus was born.

It seems one can't talk about Tycho without talking about Darius too. Darius was genetically engineered to be the ultimate companion and protector for Tycho, and the two were raised together. But something happened. They became fast friends, and eventually lovers. The one is rarely seen without the other, and it's a relationship that anyone would envy.

Even the brief period when Tycho was forced to accept that he needed to court women in order to procure an heir couldn't harm them. If anything, the ensuing mess helped them. A woman named Eluosi became caught in an assassination attempt by Aristarchus that cost her the use of her arm. Tycho's guilt over the situation blossomed and he might even have married her if I hadn't arrived back home.

Darius, and others, recently returned from the future and implied that something terrible will happen to Tycho in a few years time. That's really too bad, because Lunataks who are good at their jobs, but don't have the ambition to rise higher are rare indeed.