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Tug Mug

Name: Tug Mug
Gender: Male
Species: Graviton Lunatak
Powers: Wields a gravity carbine that can affect a person or object's mass. Is also fairly strong.

If you're looking for Tug Mug just take a deep breath. Smell that? Stale beer, sweat, grease, and just a hint of fried meat? That's him. He can be a friendly sort, as most of his kin seem to be, but I've learned over time that there's a reason he volunteered for the expedition to Third Earth. He's a mercenary, seeking opportunities to earn money or, if money is in short supply, a nice female body to keep him company, and he'd run out of good opportunities for either on the Graviton Moon.

And so he joined my crew, finding himself stranded on Third Earth along with myself, Amok, Red Eye, Chilla, and Alluro. Though his fun loving ways remained, he became bitter because he had no means of getting home, so he made it his mission to make life miserable for me.

With our rescue from Third Earth, and subsequent construction of a city on the planet, Tug Mug has accepted a position on Governor Tycho's staff. I swear he's doing this to spite me. He was so unhappy on Third Earth, but now that he has a choice he's staying there. I blame his new best friend Psychro, whom he is trying to help sleep with Chilla. Maybe I should order one of them back to the Moons. Good luck to Tycho dealing with them.