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Name: Toran
Gender: Male
Species: Psion Lunatak
Powers: Above average telepathy, slightly below average pyrokinesis

I barely remember Toran. He was on the fateful journey that stranded me on Third Earth along with his master Psindis. He was a bit of a whiner back then, so it surprises me somewhat that he was able to rise through the ranks over the last eighty years.

Toran runs the Psion Moon. That's not much of an exaggeration either. There are nine elders who compose the government and he's the eldest of them, all the others defer to him on most matters.

Luckily Toran doesn't use his power for personal gain, often, preferring to operate with his moon's best interests. His actions are guided by the god, Cyris, whom he is frequently in communion with. He also listens, when he doesn't want to trouble the god directly, to the oracle who passes on visions of the future to him.

Toran is ancient, even by Lunatak standards, so he is most commonly found on his home moon, directing traffic from there. Take him seriously, though, he is a threat.