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Name: Lion-O
Gender: Male
Species: Lion Thunderian
Family: Father of Lionel (in the future)
Powers: Wielder of the Sword of Omens, a weapon that can do just about anything.

Name: Bengali
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger Thunderian
Powers: Was a blacksmith back on Thundera

Name: Cheetara
Gender: Female
Species: Cheetah Thunderian
Powers: Can run very fast, especially over short distances.

Name: Lynx-O
Gender: Male
Species: Lynx Thunderian
Powers: Since he's blind his other senses are more acute. This is amplified with a braille board

Name: Panthro
Gender: Male
Species: Panther Thunderian
Powers: Carries nunchakus that can shoot gas.
Weakness: Is afraid of energy bats.

Name: Pumyra
Gender: Female
Species: Puma Thunderian
Powers: Has healing skills. She can run very fast.

Name: Tygra
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger Thunderian
Powers: Invisibility, can create illusions, wields a bolo whip that can shoot fireballs and create a jungle gym type effect.
Weakness: Can only swim when he's invisible.

Name: Wily Kat
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger/Lion Thunderian
Family: Brother of Wily Kit

Name: Wily Kit
Gender: Female
Species: Tiger/Lion Thunderian
Family: Sister of Wily Kat

Name: Snarf
Gender: Male
Species: Snarf
Family: Uncle of Snarfer

Name: Snarfer
Gender: Male
Species: Snarf
Family: Nephew of Snarf

I never said they were creative with their names, did I? Anyway, the Thundercats were the nobility of Thundera, guided by a Lord (in this case it's Lion-O). Sadly "someone" threw a powerful artifact into the planet's core and it exploded, much to the delight of their age old enemies the Mutants.

The Thundercats fled, in suspended animation, and soon found themselves crashing on Third Earth. They went to work befriending the natives, awaking Mumm-Ra, and continuing their battles with the Mutants.

They also built the Tower of Omens, Cat's Lair, the Thundertank, Thunderstrike, Thunderclaw, Hover Cat and Feliner. Like I said, they're not very good with naming things. Of course, it should be noted that Bengali, Pumyra, and Lynx-O weren't part of that original crew. They were civilians rescued by a Berbil ship (embarrassing!) who landed on a desert island.

The Lordship seems to be a hereditary position, handed from father to son, with each new Lord having to prove themselves in trials against their friends. I'm not sure what happens if a Lord fails, but it probably moves to the next in line, which currently is Tygra.

Time after time the Mutants and Mumm-Ra failed to defeat the Thundercats, usually because Lion-O waved the Sword of Omens around and shouted "Ho!" Because of this, Mumm-Ra decided to free us Lunataks from our lava prison to do it for him. We thought we had it made. We're a superior force, if divided, and we put our home base in the middle of their biggest weakness: Thundrainium, a substance that renders all Thunderians as weak as kittens.

We didn't fare much better, however, and now Tycho, who I left in charge of Third Earth has decided that we're better off allying ourselves with them. If you can't beat them, join them, I guess. We even sent Knave to live with them, to help relations. I'm not sure if it's working or not, but we can always destroy them later if it doesn't work out.