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Name: Stalker
Gender: Male
Species: Darkling Lunatak
Family: Husband of Tygrine, father of Black Tiger

Stalker is many things. He's a good man, with a sharp mind for the way that battles should be conducted. He was one of Aristarchus' cronies for a while, but Tycho and myself were able to convert him over to our side.

What did we see in him? We saw a man who controlled one of the most difficult fighting forces in the system. Darklings are hard enough to fight, their jet black ships almost invisible against the backdrop of space, but Stalker made them formidable fighters too.

We also saw a man who knew there could be equality. I have heard stories that his wife, Tygrine, was a prisoner he caught in the wilds one day, but that he always treated her fairly. Their marriage was scandalous, I'm told, and their daughter likewise. But Stalker always defended them both fiercely, and soon the whispers grudgingly quieted down.

Stalker was in charge of the military here on the Moons, but has since been transferred to Third Earth to command the forces there. He doesn't forgive himself for what the Moons of Purity did to his daughter, especially since he feels he could have done something about them while he was in charge on the Moons, and I hope he gets through it soon. It would be a terrible shame if it hampered his work to the point we had to replace him.