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Name: Shade
Gender: Female
Species: Darkling Lunatak
Family: Daughter of Red Eye
Powers: Carries a weapon that shoots sticky black nets. She wears gloves that allow her to handle the stuff. Has some magical knowledge.

Shade's life was relatively uneventful until recently. She went through training like any Darkling, tracking down invaders and hunting predators in the jungles, when she and her father journeyed to Third Earth with me. There she was horrified to watch as the ship Red Eye, myself and the others were on crashed. Shade begged the captain to let her effect a rescue, but it was to no avail.

Journeying into despair, Shade struggled to stay alive, hoping that some day Red Eye would come home. Age ravaged her body, and her sanity started to slip. Then a terrorist sent by Nitro tainted the water supply, killing many, and sending her further into madness. Unknown to anyone at the time, the madness was not caused by the poison, but by an entity trying to gain a corporeal body.

Following an explosion while aboard a bus, Shade went into a coma, where the entity was finally able to communicate with her. For want of a better term, it seduced her, offering her youth and vitality in exchange for letting it live through her. For a long time, this agreement worked well for her, especially when her father returned alive.

She moved with him to Third Earth, and that was when she learned that the entity, dubbed Nightshade, proved that it saw as a means to an end. It wanted to destroy Mumm-Ra's Ancient Spirits of Evil, actually kin of Nightshade, and all other life.

Now that its secrets were out in the open, Shade resisted and Nightshade switched to threats. In exchange for not killing Red Eye and other people she loved, she had to agree to help kidnap the inhabitants of Third Earth to feed Nightshade. But when he broke his promise, she knew she had to act. The final conflict resulted in her casting a spell from one of Nightshade's spell books, trapping Nightshade inside her.

No one knows what happens if Shade dies, not even Nightshade. There's the possibility that Nightshade will die, but it's equally likely that Nightshade will be freed. And so the Thundercats have supplied her with a fountain of youth elixir (that I would love to get my hands on) and we Lunataks protect her as best we can.

Nightshade is always lurking, though. He's looking for a way out, and heaven help all of us if he's ever successful.