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Roly Poly

Name: Roly Poly
Gender: Male
Species: Graviton Lunatak

Graviton government is a little bit like an oxymoron. Taking place in a neighbourhood pub, decisions are made with tankards of beer and chicken wings at hand. Gravitons are actually more organized than they appear, but not by much.

Roly Poly is a former member of an elite group of pilots who served years back. They call themselves the Rusty Nail Ten, even though there were actually twelve of them. They were the sole survivors of a fierce battle against the Darklings, even taking out the command ship personally.

Though he can still fly a ship well, he prefers to act as leader of the Gravitons, being their official spokesperson at events and taking the flak for things that go wrong. Having dealt with him a number of times I can tell you that he's friendly and slow to anger, but once that side has been crossed he's ruthless.

There's only one person who can rile him easily. Kaprenius. During the civil war between Aristarchus and Tycho, Kaprenius went to the Graviton Moon and bullied the council members to gain support for his father. Roly Poly lost the use of one of his hands during the conflict and has since replaced it. He'd thought he had gotten his revenge when Kaprenius was captured and publicly executed, but somehow the boy escaped. I hope Roly Poly gets a second chance to do it right.