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Red Eye

Name: Red Eye
Gender: Male
Species: Darkling
Family: Father of Shade, formerly married to Dusk
Powers: Has keen infrared vision, can fire missiles from his chest, his sidewinder can be thrown or shoot fire.

Red Eye brought his daughter along when he heard about an expedition to Third Earth I was conducting to retrieve my grandmother's magic belt. They drew straws to see which of them would come down to the surface on the initial scan and he won. One encounter with Mumm-Ra, and eighty years in magical lava later we revived to find ourselves stranded on the planet with no contact with our home.

When home came to us, Red Eye was sombre. Like all of us he realized that everyone he knew was likely dead, so it was a shock when he found his ancient daughter waiting for him. His wife had moved on and died, but Shade was still there. He promised never to leave her again, which became tricky when I sent them back to Third Earth to establish a city and get revenge on our enemies there.

It got worse when Shade seemingly died in a 'final' conflict with Mumm-Ra. Overwhelmed at losing his daughter for a second time, Red Eye found comfort in Chilla's arms. They had a brief relationship, but it ended when their physical differences proved to be too much.

Shade returned, but now she was possessed by an evil entity who wanted to wipe out the Lunataks. Even though she trapped it inside her, it didn't comfort him. It was powerful and his heart ached from losing her twice now. He fears that there will be a third time, and doesn't know if he will be able to cope with it.

Red Eye sits on Tycho's council, advising him in all Third Earth affairs. He's not sure about the alliance Tycho has formed with the Thundercats. He's willing to give it a try, but if things go south he won't hesitate to take his frustrations out on a Thundercat or two, especially if Tygra tries his invisibility stunt.