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Name: Psychro
House: Myntaello
Gender: Male
Species: Icewalker (father) Psion (mother)
Family: Brother to Psikaris, father of Rathja (and surprisingly no one else)
Powers: Can sway people's opinions, and can raise his body temperature slightly

Mention Psychro's name in any drinking establishment and you're bound to find at least one person who knows him. Go ahead, try it. I'll wait. Okay, so I didn't say it would necessarily be a positive reaction.

Psychro is best known for his womanizing. The problem is, he's so damned handsome that he usually doesn't even need his mild hypnotic powers to get any action. Hell, there was one night I dreamed that he and I... never mind. That's none of your business.

He claims it's often deeper than it appears, but how honest he is with himself is left for debate. He's always on the hunt for the right woman. The problem is that he enjoys the chase as much as the catch. Once a woman falls for him, it loses its lustre and his interest wanes; it becomes too easy for him, and that's often where the relationship fails. Then there are the one night stands. At least he's usually honest about his motives there.

It's not all about who he's banging, though. Psychro has other hobbies too, you know, though he doesn't often talk about them. He runs the family mechanic shop, ably repairing most machines, and is an average pilot. He also likes drinking and brawling, which comes in handy when confronted with angry family members. He's good in a bar fight, but if you get him in any kind of organized fight he's not nearly as effective.

The woman he does have a good relationship, though definitely not sexual, is his twin sister Psikaris. The two keep no secrets from one another, and it's only of late that he's been forced to hold back. She's bonded to Cameo and he's struggled to accept that his place in her life is shifting.

It's that connection to Cameo that got him into trouble with a group called the Moons of Purity. They kidnapped him in order to gain access to kill me. They tried everything they could, eventually breaking him by beating his daughter to death and implying they would do the same to Psikaris. He doesn't talk about what happened, even going so far as to get his memories suppressed by a telepath, but we suspect he was raped by Myrik.

The prize he's currently pursuing is Chilla. From the day he laid eyes on her his goal was to lay other body parts on her. Tired of his games, she finally gave him a condition she was sure he couldn't fulfill; sleep with Mandora. Through cunning and dumb luck he managed it, but before he could claim victory the Moons of Purity business came up and he took a raincheck until he could recover emotionally.

You can bet he'll be back to his ways soon enough, though.