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Name: Psikaris
House: Mymekon (formerly Myntaello)
Gender: Female
Species: Icewalker (father) Psion (mother)
Family: Sister of Psychro, bond mate of Cameo
Powers: Limited cellular telekinesis. This allows her to change her appearance somewhat, among other uses.

Even though she can be a little scatterbrained at times, Psikaris is incredibly smart in some directions. Give her a tech manual or a piece of machinery to tinker with and she can happily spend all day working on it, often forgetting such things as eating and sleeping. Ask her about something else and she might falter, but at least she'll admit to her own ignorance.

She doesn't form friendships easily, but when she does they're stronger than steel. She and her twin brother discuss everything and there are no secrets between them. They know each other so well, in fact, that they often know exactly what the other will say in any given situation. It's been speculated, and rejected, that their Psion heritage gave them a slight psychic bond.

This relationship with Psychro has tainted her opinion on sexual relationships. She's seen his promiscuity and didn't want that kind of reputation for herself, so when she's entered romantic relationships she's been steadfast in her stance of no sex before bonding. Which worked well in theory when she and childhood neighbour/friend Cameo asked her out. He was everything she needed; someone who respected her opinions, accepted that he would always take a backseat both to her work and to her brother, and someone who loved her unconditionally.

That's probably why, one night after a little drinking, they found themselves naked. To her dismay that one misguided night led to a pregnancy. Luckily their relationship was such that they knew they had to do 'the right thing' and get bonded.

There's a religious trek that is supposed to test a new couple's faith in the goddess and their love to each other. Failure equals death in most cases, but Cameo and Psikaris knew that they could do it. Facing a jilted boyfriend of hers and forced to meet her doubts that she was good enough for Cameo, she came through every test fortified, and their love has only grown from there.

Sickening, isn't it?