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Name: Paeder
House: Snowskin
Gender: Female
Species: Icewalker
Powers: Can breathe ice

Don't let her body fool you, this woman is smart as a whip. In fact, part of the reason for her swift rise through the ranks of the Icewalker fleet has been sheer determination to overcome those perceptions. One might even argue that her competition failed because they underestimated her.

Paeder began her career as a security officer, quickly gaining a position on board the flagship the 'Honour of the Moon.' Krystalin, security chief at the time, saw potential in her and took Paeder under her wing. So it was only logical that when the assassin Zanaya killed Krystalin that Paeder would assume her spot. When the captain subsequently died, Paeder was thrust into the captaincy seat too, a position she was allowed to retain when the ship's mission was concluded.

Let me make it clear, though. I do not like Paeder. Her ship's mission was to rescue Chilla from Third Earth and she dearly wanted to leave everyone else behind. Only through brute force did we manage to change her mind. Tycho has appointed her to his council on Third Earth, and I'm happy that she's so far away from me, but that doesn't mean I have to trust her.