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Name: Nuiane
Gender: Female
Species: Darkling Lunatak
Powers: Possesses the power to become a shadow, and can turn others she's in contact with into shadows as well.

The ultimate spy material. Able to travel through the slightest crack in a wall, able to conceal herself in any corner of any room, and able to bring someone with her. If her powers weren't enough, she's got the natural assets to seduce her way into any man's heart and bedroom. It's too bad she doesn't have the mind set necessary to do it.

Nuiane has never said what brought her to the Ice Moon that fateful day, but it's usually assumed it was on a special errand of Aristarchus, whom she was briefly employed by. The long and short of it was that she got caught engaging in petty theft in Nitro's estate and was given a choice. A year (and probable death) in the prison facility or a year in his bedroom. She chose the latter and quickly found that she liked the man. When her year was up she decided to stick with him.

Fast forward a number of years. With Nitro now living on Third Earth, Nuiane's loyalties were put to the test. Angry at Psychro for trying to pick her up, she sicced Aristarchus on him. Aristarchus decided to eliminate a personal threat at the same time and framed Psychro and Chilla up for attempted murder. Nuiane knew that she had to make a full confession to Nitro, knowing that he would be upset that his mother had been put in danger because of her.

Nitro made it clear that if Chilla died, Nuiane would die the same day. She'd expected it, but it still wounded her to hear the words. Luckily for her, she didn't end up in the soup pot, but the experience acted as a lesson and she's become much more loyal since then.