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Name: Nitro
House: Iespyk
Gender: Male
Species: Icewalker Lunatak
Family: Father of Knave, Davyn, Errol, Yechi. Son of Chilla and Ren. Grandfather of Krystalin.
Powers: Can breathe ice

Nitro hasn't turned out too badly for someone who lost his mother at a very early age. He's the epitome of honourable, fair in most of his dealings and utterly loyal to those he feels deserve his trust. He is exceedingly kind to those he likes, but strict to those he doesn't.

His son Knave is a prime example. An unwanted child, he was given a name meant as an insult. When Knave and his mother tried to run away, Nitro forced Knave to take her life as an example that there are consequences for disobedience. However, when Knave is threatened Nitro stands by his side to defend his flesh and blood.

Servants are another group who have seen both sides. Though it isn't common, Icewalker law allows people of either gender to take on multiple partners. When faced with Nuiane, charged with petty theft, he was enamoured and took her into his home rather than sending her to prison. He lavished her with gifts. But when she inadvertently caused Chilla's arrest it was made clear that if Chilla was convicted, that Nuiane would be cooked and served for dinner.

It's his love life that raises a few eyebrows. He's produced Icewalker heirs, but his preference in bed is non-Icewalkers. The more exotic the woman, the more attractive they are to him. It's an issue on which he and Chilla butt heads, with Chilla winning most often.

Currently he lives on Third Earth in the city of New Lunis as a member of Tycho's council.