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Name: Myrik
Gender: Male
Species: Psion Lunatak
Powers: Powerful telepath

Twisted. That's the best word to describe Myrik. A wealthy man on the Psion Moon, Myrik has a thirst for control. Preferring to use mental rather than physical torture, Myrik preyed on the 'expendables' in the city; beggars, prostitutes, and criminals. He wasn't picky, so long as he got to have his kicks.

It seemed destined to end one day, when a neighbour saw him disposing of a prostitute. Let's just say there were multiple pieces of said prostitute. Anyway, this neighbour, Drell, was part of a group known as the Moons of Purity and encouraged Myrik to join them.

The Moons of Purity were, outwardly, trying to convince people to stop the cross-species breeding. Secretly, though, they were kidnapping hybrids and using them as slave labour. Myrik's presence, as a skilled telepath, helped things along. Now they had someone who could easily block powers and control miscreants. They gave him everything he needed, turning a blind eye to his less savoury activities in their own backyard.

Things came to a head when his obsession with Psychro led to the government becoming more aware of what was going on. An internal revolt coupled with the authorities bearing down on them, led to the deaths of most of the group, including Myrik. He may be gone, but you can be sure his presence lingers on.