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The Mutants

Name: Slythe (Reptile), Monkian (Simian), Jackalman (Canine), Vultureman (Avian), Rataro (Rodent) Gender: All male
Species: Mutants of Plundarr
Powers: Does horrific body odour count as a power?

The Mutants of Plundarr are the Thunderians mortal enemies. We Lunataks are generally indifferent towards them. They know we're the superior race and fear us enough to give us a wide berth.

I'm told that Slythe and his crew were present when the Thunderians managed to blow up their own planet. A crew of a hundred followed the Thundercat flagship to Third Earth where they were pressed into service for Mumm-Ra. Gradually the crew of a hundred dwindled to four. It's best not to ask what happened to the others.

Ever since the Lunataks have taken over a slice of Third Earth the Mutants have grown quiet. They know they're badly outnumbered, and are probably afraid that if they make a move on the Thundercats that we'll step in. The Thundercats might spare their sorry butts. The Lunataks won't. It's really as simple as that.

Back on Plundarr, they've got a powerful leader in Rataro. He's reasonable to deal with, but I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him. I keep meaning to get Alluro to invent a really big mouse trap but, with my luck, Tug Mug would spring it. *sigh*