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Name: Mandora
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Family: Sister of Sondora and Gundora (Mandora is the middle child)
Powers: Possesses numerous technological items, including the Electrocharger, boomerang, and some kind soap gun.

We Lunataks know all about the Interplanetary Control Force. Luckily they have very little jurisdiction in our airspace and are smart enough to leave us alone most of the time. But Mandora is single-minded. She wants justice to be carried out and won't stop at anything, within the law, until she gets it.

Mandora has had a number of run-ins with the Lunataks, including Aristarchus' failed attempt at destroying the Thundercats. He captured the Evil Chaser, bringing the wrath of Control on us. He was about to put her to death, but luckily was saved at the last second by an internal revolt led by Nitro.

Perhaps the only thing more commonly known about Mandora than her pursuit of justice is that she is cold and emotionless. But Psychro knows better. Thanks to an adventure on the planet of Equidarr, he learned that she had a top secret chip planted that suppresses hormones. When it broke, he learned all kinds of fascinating things about her.

She started her career it was in a society that didn't believe that women belonged in Control. The impression she often got was that it was too dangerous for such delicate flowers. So she worked hard to prove them wrong, fighting the corruption within and building a reputation.

Until she met Psychro, that is. Psychro's seduction skills, combined with a sudden influx of hormones, pushed her over the limit and she grudgingly let him off the hook for a broken taillight in exchange for pleasure. I even saw the proof. Sadly, that's one image that we didn't record in our archives.