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Name: Lura
Gender: Female
Species: Psion Lunatak
Powers: Strong telepath

Lura was a promising Psion student, a shining light in a world of darkness. A beacon so bright even her parents saw it. She was made to eschew friends in favour training and studying to be the best.

Like all students of worth she went through three mentors. The first mentor had been a young man, barely trained himself, and she'd fallen hopelessly in love with him. When her training ended, and she sought a less physical relationship, he ended their friendship. Her second mentor was at the opposite end of the spectrum, an older gentleman of middling power who was strict with her.

Her third mentor was her favourite. Mystan, a high priest who only trained the most promising of students. She developed a fondness for him, not as a lover but as a father figure. She served him faithfully until a dispute arose between him and the man she was falling for; Knave.

Torn between a potential husband and her surrogate father she tried to keep them both happy, but found herself betraying Mystan. As a result of the mess, Mystan was stripped of his powers, Zanaya was killed, and Lura was made to offer herself to Knave. To her surprise, he accepted the offer and a relationship bloomed.

It hasn't been an easy relationship, as she tries to soothe the savage within him while getting what she wants out of it. After a trip to the future, though, the relationship seems on the verge of ending. Can it be salvaged? Only time will tell.