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Luna and Amok

Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Species: Royal Lunatak
Family: Formerly married to Piscaar. Mother to Axana and Cresca.
Guardian: Amok (present) Zerk (future)

Bio: One of my favourite topics: Me. I am Queen Luna, ruler of the Lunatak empire. My grandmother, the previous holder of the name, went to Third Earth and managed to upset Mumm-Rana. The sorceress of good cast a spell on Grandmother Luna and trapped her magical powers (and height) inside a belt.

That belt is why I led an expedition to Third Earth. I wanted that belt, I needed that belt, but we ran into a problem. Mumm-Ra. Different priest, equally big pain in the neck. He trapped me, along with Alluro, Chilla, Red Eye, Tug Mug, and Amok in lava for about eighty years until the Thundercats got to be too big a problem for him, except that they proved to be a problem for us too.

Luckily, we were found on Third Earth by a group of Lunataks sent by Nitro. We travelled back to the Moons of Plundarr and I currently sit on the throne. You can read all about my brilliant decisions in some of the stories found in this library.

Amok. My staunchest ally. He's big but not nearly as dumb as he looks. Amok's strengths are his physical power, his resistance to the other Lunataks' powers, and his undying loyalty. His only weakness is his sweet tooth, he'll do anything for candy. Unfortunately this isn't a hard weakness to exploit.