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Lionel and Cresca

Name: Lionel
Gender: Male
Species: Lion
Family: Son of Lion-O

Name: Cresca
Gender: Female
Species: Royal Lunatak
Family: Second daughter of Luna, sister to Axana

Some forty years from now, if the reports I got back are accurate, a daughter of mine and a son of Lion-O's will get married to unite our people on Third Earth. I don't know whether to be nauseated at the thought or not.

Lionel is every bit the man his father is. Brawny and loyal to the Code of Thundera he sees the marriage as a duty to perform and is optimistic that love will come with time. Knowing him, a reasonable facsimile will arise. He shares his father's vision that there is good in everyone and that the universe can get along.

Cresca, on the other hand, is entering into this for less altruistic reasons. She sees Lionel's physique and can't wait to get her grubby little paws on him. This isn't to say that she doesn't see the benefit to the marriage. The Lunar empire isn't in the best of shape, I gather, and she knows that a strong alliance will help us maintain our foothold in this section of the universe. She's every bit as bright as I am, with maybe a touch of arrogance towards 'lower class' persons.

Whether these two remain together for the long term, and their vision for the future holds true, remains to be seen. I just hope I live long enough to see it either way.