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Name: Krystalin
House: Iespyk
Gender: Female
Species: Icewalker/Cheetah (Father) Psion (Mother)
Family: Daughter of Knave and Zanaya, granddaughter of Nitro, great granddaughter of Chilla
Powers: Able to manipulate ice with her mind

The original Krystalin was a genetically altered Icewalker whose body temperature ran so low that it could freeze the moisture in the air. In order to curry favour with Knave, Zanaya assassinated her. On her deathbed Krystalin asked the goddess Lunis to avenge her death. Lunis, goddess of warriors and fertility, did so by giving Zanaya a child that she named Krystalin as a constant reminder of what happened.

Krystalin is far too young to understand any of this, and indeed to have any memories of her mother at all. She knows that her father loves her dearly, and I'm sure he'll tell her all about how evil Zanaya was. He might even show her the preserved skeletal hand that he kept as a memento of that time of his life.