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Name: Knave
House: Iespyk
Gender: Male
Species: Icewalker (father) Cheetah (mother)
Family: Grandson of Chilla and Ren, son of Nitro and Amber, father of Krystalin
Powers: Can move faster than the average Icewalker. Has a cooler breath than the average Cheetah.

To say that Knave is unloved by his father is an understatement. The unexpected result of the union between master and slave, even his name denotes his status within the family. Even though he was given an education, it was one that hammered home that hybrids were inferior to their pure blooded cousins.

As if he needed an additional reason to hate his father, when Amber tried to escape the Moons with her young son, Nitro forced Knave to kill her. Even today the nightmare haunts his dreams.

Betrayal by his father and mother, Knave's life has been plagued by a lack of love. The one woman he thought he loved, Zanaya, turned out to be only using him to get information out of him. Surprise, though, Zanaya's dalliances got her knocked up and the pair wound up stranded on Third Earth when an expedition they were part of took me and the others back to the Moons.

When Krystalin was born, shortly after we returned to try and conquer Third Earth, a lengthy custody battle ensued. And by ‘custody battle' I mean that Knave and Zanaya tried to assassinate one another repeatedly. When Zanaya died, as a result of her failed attempts, Knave was granted sole custody.

At the same time, in hopes of smoothing relations between Thunderians and Lunataks, Tycho sent Knave to live with the Thundercats. I'm hopeful that Tycho's only doing this to get inside information, but Tycho is too soft for that. Anyway, I hear that Knave has found a new woman in Lura, though he's still leery that she might be trying to use him.