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Heavy Bevy

Name: Heavy Bevy
Gender: Female
Species: Graviton Lunatak
Family: Mother of Rathja

Heavy Bevy was in a bar one day and overheard two women talking about the fantastic lover they'd both had (not at the same time, that I know of) and her curiosity was piqued. Soon she was talking to them both. Luckily their relationship with the man had ended cordially or you might be hearing something very different right now.

It turned out to be Psychro they were talking about. She got his contact information, declared herself the president of his fan club, and contacted him. He was going through a difficult time, having watched his most recent lover gunned down in his place, and accepted her offer.

It's hard to say what Psychro feels about it all. She's the only Graviton he ever slept with, and yet Heavy Bevy is one of his closest friends. They had a daughter from that one night stand, and she continues to help him during his dry spells. Somehow, women find out that she's the one to go through, and she directs them to him as the need arises. It's disgusting... Okay, so I'm a little jealous too. There's no one setting me up with hot men to sleep with. Hmph.

Anyway, she's been unhappy, thanks to the Moons of Purity business. Psychro was kidnapped and abused heavily. Her daughter was brutally beaten in order to get Psychro to talk. When he finally did talk, she was killed. Whether or not she gets over the loss remains to be seen.