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Name: Fantasy
Gender: Female
Species: Psion (mother) Tiger (father)
Powers: Possesses mild illusionary powers.
(This character is on loan from Cheezey)

Poor Fantasy. She was attending a bachelorette party, had been drinking as heavily as any of the guests, and finally stepped outside to try and sober up.

She sobered up, all right, sobered up when she was grabbed and taken off her home moon and taken by the Moons of Purity to work in their mines. That might be the end of her story, a tragic footnote in the records when the Moons of Purity were finally toppled, except that she caught the attention of Myrik, winding up his personal slave.

Say what you want about Fantasy, she's intelligent. She knew that as long as she was with Myrik she was alive. The life expectancy in the mines, due to natural radiation, was about two months. Even though she despised his every lurid touch, she survived, biding her time. Finally Myrik slipped and she was instrumental in effecting an escape, she even got the killing blow on her longtime tormenter.

Fantasy enjoys the finer things in life, champagne, silk, gold, expensive jewellery, and has the looks to get most of what she wants. If you want a girl who you can take to a fancy restaurant in your sports car, she's your woman. And if she thinks you're worth it, she might even let you take her back to your luxury suite.

Because of all this she can often come across as shallow, but it's largely an act that those who know her well can see through. She's no delicate flower, afraid of breaking a nail, and is more than capable of taking a life if things go south.

Her current whereabouts are unknown. After three months off the grid she, along with the other survivors of the incident, was given a stipend and an offer of government assistance. She might turn up again some day, you never know.