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Name: Ellis
Gender: Female
Species: Equine Mutant

There is a planet of Equine Mutants out there (ask Psychro if you want to know where.) From what I understand they fled Plundarr and established a planet they called Equidarr. It's not very creative, I know. Anyway, these Mutants were so afraid of the other Mutants finding them that they refused to allow contact with the outside systems, even going so far as to kill anyone that came to their planet.

Ellis was an exception. She believed that her people needed that contact. When Psychro and Mandora crash landed she took them in. (Psychro says that it was his stunning masculinity that saved them, I say it was dumb luck.) She took them to her orchard and nursed them back to health.

You know what they say, though, about all good things. Eventually Mandora and Psychro needed to get home, so Ellis tried to help them escape. In the middle of their trial, though, a Mutant fleet showed up and started decimating the planet, proving that the Equines had been right to fear the Mutants.

Mandora, Psychro and Ellis were barely able to hold the army off long enough for the Interplanetary Control Force to send back-up. With all that happened on the planet, Ellis decided to leave and join her rescuers.