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Name: Darius
Gender: Male
Species: Changeling
Family: Guardian/Lover of Tycho
Powers: Can assume the shape and mass of any creature or object. To a limited degree he can copy certain physical attributes of the shape (ie. wings, infrared vision, muscles)

Part of the Guardian program entails taking creatures and modifying their genetic code. Darius' original species was a small winged lizard that could change its shape and colour to reflect its surroundings. It's a process that has only been duplicated once since, despite the usefulness of the resulting being. The lizards are hard to get, and are resistant to the process, making them very expensive.

Darius' programming includes an unbreakable loyalty to Tycho, though both claim that they would love each other anyway. He and Tycho met at birth and haven't really been separated since then. Darius handles most of Tycho's day to day affairs and pretty well does anything that's asked of him.

Darius is the perfect spy and bodyguard. He can become as small as a spider, somehow dispersing his mass, or become a wall as hard as diamond. But he doesn't care what he's doing, as long as he can be with Tycho, and that's a bond that I envy.

Of late he's seemed distracted. I know that he, along with several others, journeyed to the future. Something he saw there has upset him, and he's working feverishly to avoid whatever it is from happening.