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Name: Chillaura
House: DeMoon
Gender: Female
Species: Icewalker
Powers: Can breathe ice.

There are two opinions of Chillaura for those who've had to deal with her. She's remarkably good at her work, and she's frustrating as hell. Coming across as exceedingly lazy, one gets the impression that you are taking up her precious time when she answers your call and wants to get back to chewing her gum.

Working as a communications officer, originally aboard the Honour of the Moon, Chillaura managed to work her way through the ranks as one of the better people available. Efficient to the point where her work is done almost before you ask, Chillaura proved herself invaluable to Captain Havalance.

She became good friends with Paeder and, when the latter transferred to Third Earth, Chillaura decided to apply for a position in Sky Tomb. She'll definitely find it harder to keep her systems up and running in that tangled mess of cables and wires, but if anyone can do it, it's her.