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Name: Chilla
House: Iespyk
Gender: Female
Species: Icewalker
Family: Bond mate of Ren, mother of Nitro, grandmother of Knave, Davyn, Errol, Yechi
Powers: Can breathe ice, shoot fire

Don't let her frosty exterior confuse you, she really is that cold hearted. Ugh. And now she's got me doing ice puns, I ought to give her the cold shoulder or just a smack with my riding crop.

Anyway. She was a fighter, training for a military life, when she met Ren. He trained her and kept beating her. But he was impressed that she kept getting back up. When she won by fluke she confronted him and accused him of letting her win. That's what passes for courtship on the Ice Moon, go figure.

Shortly after their first child was born, Chilla volunteered for the expedition to Third Earth and she found herself stranded on the surface along with myself, Red Eye, Tug Mug, Amok, and Alluro. Being away from home infuriated her, and made her even harder. She enjoyed tormenting the lesser denizens of Third Earth, only rarely letting her emotionless persona crack.

I know that she considered dating Alluro, the two did seem cozier than anyone else, but she didn't go through with it. I suspect it had something to do with the skin temperature differences. Later on, after being rescued from Third Earth by her son and grandson, she would have a brief relationship with Red Eye. The gossip mill (Tug Mug) says that the temperature difference was too weird for them, anyway.

On the subject of that rescue. She was initially proud that it was her family that had conducted the rescue, as honour and prestige means everything to the Icewalkers, but was less than thrilled to find out how her son had turned out. Consorting with so many Thunderians and Mutants almost negated the fact that they were still one of the most powerful Houses on the moons.