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Name: Cameo
House: Mymekon
Gender: Male
Species: Icewalker (mother) Solarion (father)
Family: Bonded to Psikaris, cousin of Borealith and Icewin, uncle to Lyka
Powers: Can copy the powers of anyone he touches. The ability won't be nearly to same level as the original.
(This character is on loan from Kith the Elven Lord)

If there is one word to describe Cameo, it is "Loyal". You will never find a man who fits the word better, so don't even try. He's the one who learned that me and my crew were still alive, thanks to a wanted poster he found. He and Knave led an expedition to Third Earth where he proved his worth to me by saving my life twice. I don't forget people like that and I immediately had him promoted to commander of the Lunatak air force.

Cameo is dedicated to his work, as a superb pilot, but his first love is his bond mate Psikaris. The two were neighbours from birth. It's probably because of their common mixed-race heritage that they developed any kind of bond. For years he debated telling her his feelings, and when he finally did he found that they were reciprocated.

Due to an unplanned pregnancy stemming from a little alcohol, Cameo decided to do the honourable thing and proposed. They even went on the famed Icewalker trek, a religious experience designed to test a couple's faith and with a staggeringly high death rate. This brought them even closer together.