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Black Tiger

Name: Black Tiger
Gender: Female
Species: Darkling (father) Tiger (mother) cross.
Family: Daughter of Stalker and Tygrine. Future wife of Fun Run, mother of Pipe Stripe
Powers: Can mildly affect the lighting of a room.

Black Tiger is the only child of Stalker, a high ranking member of the military. Her mixed race heritage has given her a lot of grief over the years, and it's a credit both to her and her family that she's coped with it as well as she has.

Like all Darklings she has spent her time in the jungles, keeping it clear of intruders and predators. But the aggressive life isn't for her. She's a sweet kid who would much rather spend her time with a pen and paper. Black Tiger aspires to be a writer, focussing on the lives of my original crew, Red Eye especially.

More recently I know that she went through a difficult ordeal at the hands of a group known as the Moons of Purity. Dedicated to eliminating half-breeds she was captured and endured physical and emotional torments. She has never talked to me about it, and really why would she, but I imagine her father will help her through this difficult time.