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Name: Aristarchus
Gender: Male
Species: Royal Lunatak
Family: Father of Kaprenius
Guardian: None

Don't ask me what the exact relation is, but Aristarchus is considered close to the throne. (After myself, my daughters, and Tycho.) Should all four of us die, he would become the king.

I wouldn't laugh if I were you, it's not as impossible as it sounds, if the rumours are true. The legend goes that when he had his family and Tycho's family poisoned during a family dinner. The poison was in a fish dish that he "happened" to be allergic to. Tycho was sick that day and missed the dinner, so he managed to avoid death's hand. A servant later confessed to the crime and died under suspicious circumstances.

Outside of this, Aristarchus is a very intelligent man. He runs a number of businesses under different names, has spies and associates everywhere, and is a man to be reckoned with. He's a little unpredictable under adversity and won't hesitate to sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals. As long as he keeps his eyes away from my seat on the throne I can use his ambitions, but I doubt I'll escape his focus forever.