Insecticon Attack!  

Is there some rule that says all stories featuring Insecticons have to include the word 'Insecticon' and, for bonus points, 'Attack'? Anyway, the Big Looker Storybook ( we thought Stryka was a big looker ) Insecticon Attack! was written by Dana Rosenfeld and illustrated by John Speirs. We never heard of them, either.

Featuring Bombshell, though I got a look-in. Poor Shrapnel never gets a mention. Anyway, for extra bonus Obligatory Insecticonity, the story is about an Autobot getting tagged by a cerebro-shell and working for the Decepticons. Sigh. If he was saved by the Power Of Love And/Or Friendship, we'd hit all the cliche bases. However, this story was out before fanfic made it cliche.

Grapple kind of looks like Bonecrusher in this book. It's weird.

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