Other Vengeance 2.0: FAQ

Because you all seem to keep asking about the same things.

Q: Why did you relaunch Other Vengeance?
A: Because the old version was out of control and lacked of direction.

Q: Okay, on to the only thing anyone actually cares about: What's up with making some of the male cast into women?
A: Because Wayward decided to sort sex down beast-mode lines, at least where such could be identified. It makes as much sense to her as going by given pronoun, since Wayward sees Transformers as genderless and the gendered pronouns they get in the cartoons and comics are just human projection. If Wayward couldn't tell, she left it with the given pronoun.

The intent isn't to be cisexist ( ie: vagina = female = she, penis = male = he, ) and we apologise to anyone who has felt excluded or iffy about this. As genderless alien robots suddenly in organic bodies, we've been giving them pronouns like animals rather than gendering them like humans.

There is also a bit of 'character wakes up female, does not immediately change personality or act like this is the worst thing that could possibly ever happen, and nobody treats them differently' fantasy going on.

Q: You swapped sexes around just to hook characters up!
A: Yeah, no. Gender is not a barrier to our 'shipping.

Q: Why do some of the characters have stripes? Humans don't have stripes!
A: There is absolutely no reason for this beyond that Wayward finds it aesthetically appealling. We try to be sensible and logical and realistic overall - let us indulge ourselves in something that doesn't really matter. Their eyes tend to be inhuman colours as well, also because it looks good.

Q: What episode is the Predacons' hoversled from?
A: It isn't. It appeared in the original Other Vengeance because Wayward got confused about Blackarachnia's flying contraption made of a stasis pod in The Agenda. The hoversled is the single most borrowed feature of Other Vegeance. Wayward's notes and outlines invariably refer to it as 'the contrivance'.

Loader drones are also totally made up.

Q: What episode is the fabricator from?
A: Bad Spark. Megatron uses some sort of fabrication or manufacturing tech to create the energon knife he used to carve up Rampage's spark. If the Predacon ship has one, the Axalon most likely does as well.

Q: You appear to subscribe to the 'everyone from the pods had previous lives on Cybertron' theory.
A: I didn't before I started writing this story. Now I do.

Q: So, you're using the BotCon 2006 background.
A: No. We tend to count BotCon stories as a seperate continuity. Other Vengeance is cartoon-based plus a bunch of stuff we made up.

Q: When will Rampage/Transmutate/Ravage/Depthcharge/TMII Dinobot/Tigerhawk appear?
A: When/if they appear.

Q: You did know that the blank pod the Maximals found in Coming of the Fuzors was actually within sight of the Axalon, didn't you?
A: Our screen had been set fairly dark at time of writing and we didn't realise the Axalon could be seen in the background until it was too late. We are going to declare the pod magically crashed further away and feel embarrassed about it.

Q: When will you update?
A: Someday. We really like this story and think it deserves to be finished, but we are a slow writer at the best of times and we need to be in the right mood for it.


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