Energon Valentines  

Licenses for goofy products, we love thee. Because nothing says 'love' like alien warrior robots. There's thirty-two in the pack, but only eight different valentines, sadly.

The cards have that horizontal line in the middle because they come with a pre-fold.

Strongarm - You rock! ( Because he's, like, a miner. Rock. Get it? )

Optimus Prime - Have an action-packed Valentine's Day! ( No, like regular action. Tch. )

Hot Shot - You're a hot shot! ( Why, yes. Yes, he is. )

Optimus Prime - Happy Valentine's Day! ( Someone splashed him with a mud-brush and I don't know why. )

Megatron - You're unbeatable! ( We are frankly surprised they included Megatron. Who is also muddy. Hrm. )

Optimus Prime - Have a super-powered Valentine's Day! ( Prime is a camera-hog. )

Scorponok - You're high voltage! ( We admit it - we like the picture of Scorponok here. )

Inferno - You sure know how to heat things up! ( His colours are nice, but what happened to his ear-flaps? )

And the bonus sticker sheet, which includes Starscream and Unicron


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