Choose Your Own Contest  

In this episode, Wayward put up six different themes that could be mixed and matched: Write A Mystery, 'Scavenger Hunt' Story, Alien But Not Human, Non-Show Characters, Neutral OC, and Write An Artfic. The votey poll thing will be open until February 20th.

The winner of this contest was KoiLungFish. Ckret2 was a fairly close runner-up, followed by Stormy. Thanks to everyone who participated. :D

The Light & The Smile
By KoiLungFish
Non-Show Characters
G1, pre-Earth: A group of failed Decepticons is sent to a remedial training base. Unfortunately, something has followed them.

Forgotten Past
By biacebaolek
Neutral OC
Armada: A Transformer with memory problems makes a descision.

By Ckret2
Write An Artfic
Pre-Beast Wars: On a visit to an audile's gallery, Terrorsoar makes a new friend. ( Yes, this was done in Wayward's pre-BW universe, with full permission. )

The Truest Form Of Creativity
By Lynx Traveller
Write an Artfic, Non-Show Characters
G1: Cable finds there's such thing as too much choice when sent to find a piece of unique artwork to please his commander, and decides to choose his own definitions.

Business Lost
By Rebecca Hb
Alien But Not Human, Non-Show Characters, Neutral OC
Beast Wars: The galaxy is a busy place, and a group of alien merchants want to know why they've been cut off from Cybertron.

By Silverfox
'Scavenger Hunt' Story, Alien But Not Human, Write A Mystery
G1, pre-Earth: When Dirge breaks out of an Autobot detention cell, suspicion falls on the newly-hired Mirage.

King of Pain
By Stormy
Non-Show Characters
G1, pre-Earth: With the Nemesis gone, there is a leadership vacuum in the Decepticons, one that an unlikely mech never expected to fill.

The Mystery of the Decepticon Bombings
By Trainman
G1: When a bomb goes off in Decepticon Headquarters, things only get more confusing from there.


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