Insecticons Comic Scans

Shrapnel's first appearence in the comics   Shrapnel hears an alarm   How do you know you're second in command?  Your boss belts you.   Intimidating an informat   Bombshell's first appearence in the comics   All three are there, but Bombshell stands out the most   Attacking an oil tanker   Also note Kickback farther back   With Shrapnel and Kickback in the background.  Also Purple Soundwave With A Mouth   Munch, munch   Listening at doors   I just think Kickback's cute here   Where are Kickback's antennae?   Shrapnel's first appearence in the Dreamwave running series   Shrapnel preparing to attack   Looking all zappy   As a slash-writer, Wayward never let us hear the end of it after this ...   Bombshell's first real appearence in the running series   When Bombshell gets headaches, he *really* gets headaches   Suddenly, the Insecticons care about leadership   Dark Ages: Venom, Chopshop, and Ransack hang out with Ratbat   Dark Ages: Something is more exciting than an Autobot   Dark Ages: Bombshell in the background   Dark Ages: Bombshell and Kickback   Dark Ages: Bombshell, filling out a group shot again  


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