Transformers: Armada Colouring & Activity Book  

Slow loading, as usual for these colouring book scans. These are scans from three different books, copyright (c)2003, Bendon Publishing International. Illustration and writing credits are not given. Unfortunate. The artist isn't bad. He does have a thing for forced perspective shots, though.

Who needs a fusion cannon strapped to his arm when he's got Leader-1? Hey, Leader-1 was cold. Please enjoy the forced perspective shot. Or at least resign yourself to it, because you're going to see a bunch more of it.

Not much to say here. It's Perceptor. Whee.

Also, he's going to pinch you.

Armada Prime is coming for you. Be scared - he kicked aft. You'd know that if you actually watched Armada to the end.

This? This is what could have made the Dreamwave profile books even better. Mad-lib tech specs. "CYCLONUS is so boogly that even his own DECEPTICON pants are afraid of him. MEGATRON likes to let him jump rope because he's so chocolatey in battle, but he has cats stopping him once he gets groovy."

Longarm, Red Alert's Minicon. We like this picture because it looks like he's about to flip someone off.

Tee hee hee. Okay, I take back every joke I've ever made about G1 Megatron's trigger-crotch. This is much, much funnier. Bigger is better, it seems, though Megatron doesn't seem real happy about it, given that clenched fist.

Starscream. No real reason for this scan, except that it was a nice picture.

Strap on your helmets - this forced perspectve is X-TREEEEM!


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