All Hail Flamewar Cast List

Main Cast - Percumount Staff - Antagonists

Decepticon - Warrior/Scientist
Altmode: Motorcycle
STR:7.6 INT:9.2 SPD:9.4 END:7.2 RNK:5 CRG:9 FPR:7.3 SKL:8.3
Bio: Flamewar has been with the Decepticons since they kicked off the Great War. She is utterly loyal to Megatron, feeling that he saved Cybertron from stagnation. Flamewar does not do things by half-measures and doesn't accept failure - a task is only over when she's completed it, a fight is only over when she wins.
Weapons/Abilities: Flamewar is skilled in the science of forcefield tech application and has extensively modified her body with forcefield generators. She can increase her speed by using forcefields to make her envelope more streamlined and frictionless. Her forcefields also vastly increase her resistance to damage, she can project them over a wider area for a short time, and can fashion them into short-term tools like blades. Her cannon works on the same tech, throwing force bolts to smash her enemies.
Weaknesses: She has zero political aptitude. Flamewar is also prone to loyalty, honour, and keeping her word.
First Appearance: #004: Ignition IV

Decepticon - Warrior
Altmode: Race Car
STR:7 INT:4 SPD:8 END:8 RNK:5 CRG:10 FPR:8 SKL:3
Bio: Not much is known about Fracture except that she's fearless, wild, and has a terrible sense of humour. There's something off about her, but she just laughs and says she's not from around here. She never gets around to saying where she is from, though. Due to her power and enthusiasm for carnage, her superiors don't care.
Weapons/Abilities: Fracture's primary weapons are seismic disruptors built into her feet - when she stomps, she can either rip the ground apart or channel the energy into her victim. She has a blaster that she uses if she has to.
Weaknesses: She doesn't tend to think things through. She is prone to chasing vendettas over following plans.
First Appearance: #001: Ignition I

Decepticon - Warrior
Altmode: Speedboat
STR:7 INT:6.5 SPD:9 END:6 RNK:5 CRG:5 FPR:6.5 SKL:6
Bio: Thunderblast dreams of power - other people's. What she really wants is to find a warlord worthy of her. Oddly, she isn't interested in controlling them from the shadows or stealing their power, just sharing it. She is mercurial, vain, and mercenary. She is a loyal Decepticon as long as she feels the Decepticons are the strongest faction.
Weapons/Abilities: Thunderblast carries a heavy plasma cannon/surface-to-air missile launcher. She was originally built to be a singer and is very good at it.
Weaknesses: Her alt-mode is almost entirely useless on Cybertron. Her fellow Decepticons don't understand her goals.
First Appearance: #001: Ignition I

Decepticon - High Councillor, Monitor of Khelekrax
Altmode: Flying Wing
STR:6 INT:8.5 SPD:10 END:6 RNK:8.5 CRG:8 FPR:7 SKL:8
Bio: Brasswing has worn many names and many forms over her life, the better to slip into the confidence of her superior officers while usurping their power before killing them. She has settled quite happily into her role as Monitor, which gives her the power and control she craves, as well as the chance to live life on her own terms instead of playing a role.
Weapons/Abilities: As a Monitor, Brasswing's processing systems are hundreds of times faster than that of ordinary Transformers, allowing her to tap into and control Cybertron's systems. Unlike many Monitors, Brasswing has kept up her combat training and can hold her own in a fight. She has flamethrower wrist-cannons in robot-mode and plasma blasters in jet-mode. She is very good at sizing people up and getting them to do what she wants while they think they're getting the better end of the deal.
Weaknesses: Commune throws Brasswing's systems off, leaving her volitile and id-driven for a few hours after as she adjusts to being a person and not a city.
First Appearance: #006: Ignition VI


- The Percumount Retinue
Brasswing's personal staff. The Retinue serve individual functions but all are watchtower guardians dedicated to serving Brasswing's needs, whatever those are at the moment.

Decepticon - Warrior/Adjutant/Interrogator
Altmode: Spy Plane
Bio: Emerald came with the watchtower - previously an adjutant to the former Monitor, Brasswing won him over and kept him when she took command. He considers himself the leader of the Retinue and Brasswing's second in command. The others put up with him mostly for Brasswing's sake.
Weapons/Abilities: He is a jeweller speciallising in etchings, and his skill with fine detail work means he sometimes finds himself assisting the medics. He serves as an interrogator when Brasswing wants the prisoner left alive. His processors have been upgraded so that he can use the commune rig in emergencies.
Weaknesses: Emerald's vanity and ego irritate his comrades. He complains bitterly and at length when he takes even minor damage.
First Appearance: #014: Trial By Fire I

Decepticon - Warrior
Altmode: Helicopter, usually
STR:6 INT:5 SPD:8 END:6 RNK:4 CRG:10 FPR:7 SKL:8
Bio: While 'Thrillseeker' is only her latest name, she lives up to it. She's usually a front-line warrior, though she spent a long stint first as a body-shell model, then as a general art model after her artist kicked her out. Being a watchtower guard is a change of pace for her, but she's enjoying the intrigues of the High Council.
Weapons/Abilities: She can detach her rotor blades to use as weapons. Thrillseeker is comfortable in just about every type of altmode.
Weaknesses: In battle, Thrillseeker targets whoever looks most dangerous, and as such tends to take the worst of any fight. She will even stack the odds against herself just to make it more of a challenge.
First Appearance: #006: Ignition VI

- Contract Employees
People working in the Percumount who are there because it's a job rather than out of loyalty to Brasswing or the Eighth Sector.

Decepticon - Technician
Altmode: Crucible Hauler
Bio: Between a general wanderlust and being a draft-dodger, Steelcast doesn't tend to stay in one place long and has worked just about everywhere on Cybertron - preferably places with cheap, filthy bars. She has a hang-up about not changing her body for fear that her personality would change with it.
Weapons/Abilities: Steelcast is a highly skilled prefab designer and well-versed in most aspects of construction and repair. As someone built for refinery work, Steelcast's plating is very heavy and resistant to high temperatures. Steelcast doesn't usually carry weapons proper, but tends to have at least a crowbar or a hammer where she can reach it.
Weaknesses: Steelcast has no combat training. She gets defensive about her civilian position and ugly alt-mode very easily. Her temper often gets her in trouble, usually getting goaded into fights she can't win.
First Appearance: #013: Ignition XIII


- Antagonists
Because Decepticons are happiest when they've got people to fight.

Autobot - Khelekrax Resistance Leader
Altmode: Race Car
STR:6.5 INT:8 SPD:9.5 END:7 RNK:9 CRG:7 FPR:5 SKL:8.5
Bio: A former show racer who cared about nothing but speed, nine million years of war have tempered Override into a warrior and a leader. She's still highly competitive, even if it's now focused on being the best leader possible and showing the Decepticons that while they might hold Cybertron now, they'll never defeat the Autobots.
Weapons/Abilities: Override is one of the fastest Cybertronian cars, able to beat Mach 1 on wheels. She carries a twin-barrelled laser cannon.
Weaknesses: Override takes on more than she can handle, refusing help and taking on impossible challenges because she thinks she should be able to handle everything.
First Appearance: #016: Trial By Fire III

Autobot - Warrior
Altmode: Race Car
STR:7 INT:7 SPD:10 END:8.5 RNK:9 CRG:8 FPR:5.5 SKL:8.5
Bio: Nitro is Override's twin. During the Golden Age they were bitter rivals on the raceways, determined to show one another other up. When the War began, they realised how pointless their feud was and have been working together to fight the Decepticons ever since. Nitro and Override still clash at times, but any threat to one will bring the wrath of both.
Weapons/Abilities: Nitro is one of the fastest Cybertronian cars, able to beat Mach 1 on wheels. He carries a twin-barrelled laser cannon.
Weaknesses: Nitro is overconfident, assuming his speed will dazzle any opponent. He is easily goaded by his enemies, particularly if it gives him a chance to show his speed.
First Appearance: #016: Trial By Fire III


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