Armada/Energon Toy Comics

Wayward has an irrational love for the comic book medium, thus she saves all the comics that come with the toys. This is an old obession, as she still has two from the days when she collected She-Ra dolls. Anyway, for the amusement of the non-toy collectors and those of you who pitched their comics, here they are. The following pages are, of course, graphics-heavy and may take a minute to load.

Armada: Volume One
For those of you who have only seen the JaAm version.

Armada: Volume Two
If you build it, the Decepticons will wreck it.

Armada: Volume Three
How can you tell something is evil? It's purple.

Armada: Volume Four
Why is anyone surprised when Unicron shows up?

Energon: Volume One
Hot Shot and Strongarm fight a horde of evil cats.

Energon: Volume Two
In which the Autobots are driven off by the Insecticons. Boo-yah!

Energon: Volume Three
It must be after the second commercial break ...

Energon: Volume Four
Thrill as Megatron freaks out!


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